The Step by Step Career Creator System…

Get the career clarity you need!

Actionable Career Tools & Resources

Find all the career information you need to action your career choices. It’s all about the HOW and not so much the what.

Your Career Journal

You can regularly revisit your authentic career purpose. You don’t ever have to remember why you took a specific career decision

Proven Career Tests & Career Coaching

Never doubt yourself again, use scientific tests and an experienced Career & Business Coach

Our Breakthrough Career Sessions

It’s all about taking career action!

Career Help for Career Success

It’s never been easier for Career-Seekers and Job-Changers to gain the career clarity they need. You can now get access to the Aura Careers System.

Louis Kotze — Founder

Here we focus on what YOU think is good for YOU. Combine your gifts with the career skills, tools and resources we provide and by taking career action you can reach career success.

There are still so many High School Students, Higher-Education Students, Career-Changers and Job-Seekers that don’t know where to turn and what process to follow for career happiness. This is the platform where you can find the path to career wealth!

Want to ask a career or business question? Do you want me to clarify your doubts – you can have access to my exclusive sessions. 

What Some Of Our Clients & Students Have to Say

“If my Dad trusts Aura Careers with me then I know it’s good enough for you. I completed the Career Creator Fast Track program for High School Students.”
Adruan Kotze
Gr 9 – 12
“I met Louis – Founder of Aura Careers – and had the opportunity to attend his Career- and Business Coaching and it changed my life forever.”
Gavin Aucamp
“The Aura Careers program helped to better understand myself after every session. I now have a better understanding on how to achieve my goals… You also get a friend during the process.”
Jan-Lourens du Toit
Gr 9 – 12
“Enjoyed every moment of the Career Discovery process.”
Dawid Kotze
Gr 9 – 12